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Mini Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

Rose gold
shaving head

 Battery is not included

This is your new best kept secret on maintaining perfect eyebrows. It is the perfect cleanup tool to maintain that “fresh out of the salon” look for your eyebrows. There is no better or painless way to upkeep the time between shaping, waxing or threading your eyebrows.

Perfect for Eyebrows

This is designed with precision engineering to help you maintain perfect eyebrows.

Maintain Flawless Brows without the pain

Hairs aren’t long enough to wax and plucking is time consuming and hurts! It is a perfect replacement for you


  • EASY TO USE - offers precision and efficiency, so you can get rid of unwanted hairs in a second. From now on, grooming your eyebrows is like an at-home SPA treatment that you can do as often as you need!
  • PAIN-FREE - Unlike waxing and threading, our precise electric trimmer does not pluck the hairs, but cuts them very close to the root, making the entire process 100% painless. You will end up with eyebrows on fleek, but without the burning sensation.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Our premium travel-friendly trimmer’s top is plated with 18k gold, making it hypoallergenic and perfect for the most sensitive hair types, helping you avoid infections, redness or irritation.
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY - For many women, trimming is part of their daily beauty routine, which is why we have made sure that the premium pink trimmer is compact and lightweight, being perfect to take with you in any trip.


Instantly and pain-free to maintain perfect eyebrows

Prevent redness or irritation

Quick and convenient for easy touch-ups around and under the forehead

18-karat gold plated head is less likely to cause allergies

Dermatologist approved

Enough for everyday use

Built-in LED light

Discreet and portable so you can use it anytime, anywhere

Instant and pain-free way to maintain flawless brows. It’s the new gold standard and first precision hair remover that instantly and painlessly sweeps away unwanted hair for stunningly beautiful brows!

It is so easy to use - simply hold it like a pencil and it works just like an eraser. The secret is its micro precision technology that works above, below and between brows as well as toward your hairline.

NO PAIN: The Eyebrow Trimmer precision head is to be used on the top and bottom of brows and in between eyebrows, to instantly and painlessly erase unwanted and stray eyebrow hair, without the pain of plucking!

PREMIUM QUALITY: Flawlessly Hair Remover is an everyday maintenance clean up tool to be used in between your regular eyebrow wax or threading appointment. No More Tweezers!

A Perfect Gift for Girlfriend, Mother, Birthday, Mothers day, Christmas.

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